About Me

I have been involved in Film, and occasionally Theatre, production since 1990, ranging from small localised productions through to feature-length films. Most of my contributions have been in the form of storyboards, pre-production design, and digital visual effects, including 3D Modelling and Animation, 2D Animation, Compositing, and Matte Painting.

I have a particular affinity for character- and hard surface-modelling in Lightwave, but have also learned a considerable amount through compositing in After Effects and Photoshop.

Additional software experience with Premiere Pro, Website Design using Homesite, and accomplished Google-Fu search expertise, brings me to Official Nerd Status, with Associated Geek Cred via the many Star Wars fanfilms I've been involved with.

To create something out of nothing is a thrilling and satisfying achievement. Because of my lack of practical skills, Visual Effects ideally suits me; it's where my loves of creativity, storytelling, and computers, all meet.

Other hobbies and interests: Screenwriting, reading Fantasy novels, watching Animated Films, and I also have an enduring love of British comedy.

Experience with Lightwave 3D, After Effects, & Photoshop

Feature Films

Gates Of Hell

Director: Kel Dolen
VFX Supervisor: James Cole

Horror Feature Film
Shot in HD
3D Artist & Compositor 3D Modelling, Tracking, and Rendering:
Thrown machete
Chain on Gate

Car Yard Matte Painting
Wall Extension
Blood Effect
Lightning Flashes
Camera Shake


Director: Robert Sarkies

Award Winning New Zealand Feature Film
Storyboard Artist Storyboard sequences:
Special Camera Snoot Sequence
Reveal of Basement
Confrontation of Assailant
Special Effects and Stunt Sequences
Rooftop Chase
Short Films


Director: Rob Hamilton

Set in WWII era France
Filmed in Australia
3D Artist & Compositor 3D Modelling, Rendering, and Animation:
Steam Locomotive
WWII era Truck
Douglas C47 Skytrain Plane

Digital Matte Paintings:
Rail Valley

Keying and Compositing:
Actors interacting with Train and Village
Composite Truck into Matte Environments
3D Plane Launching and Flying composited against Matte Paintings

Reality Check

Director: Darren Maxwell

Spy Comedy
Set in Near Future
2D Artist & Compositor 2D Animation:
Multiple Digital Displays for STRATA prop

Compositing and Tracking:
All Digital Display animations applied to STRATA prop

Digital Matte Paintings:
Wide and CU of Factory Building
Explosion of Building

The Psychology Of Killing

Director: Darren Maxwell

3D Artist & Compositor 3D Modelling:
Window set in existing wall

Additional Wall and Set digitally added to Location

Jedi Heritage

Director: Darren Maxwell

Science Fiction Drama
Set in Star Wars Universe
3D Artist & Compositor 3D Modelling:
Village and Vehicles
Imperial Shuttle

Laser Bolts
Vista outside window
Matte Paintings

Wrath Of The Mandalorian

Director: Kel Dolen

Set in Star Wars Universe
Compositor Compositing:
Laser Bolts
Wounded Man

Broken Allegiance

Director: Nick Hallam

Set in Star Wars Universe
Conceptual Artist Matte Painting:
3D Digital Mattes

Conceptual Art:
Costume Design

Signing Off

Director: Robert Sarkies

Award Winning NZ Short Film
Conceptual Artist & Art Direction Conceptual Art:
Set Design

Art Direction:
Set fabrication