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Pegasus Rampant


A naive young Wizard must locate the source of ancient magic that will protect his people from a brutal Warlord's impending attack.


The protective spell that defends the Kingdom of Lanloch is compromised, and the Wizard's Spellbook thieved by bandits, accomplices of the savage warlord Valan Ursus.

Apprentice wizard, Quinn, and Knight, Sir Hagan, set forth on a hazardous expedition, where they cross paths with a mercenary known as Wren, whose inside knowledge of Ursus Keep provides crucial advantage.

Can they restore the spell to full power, protect the Kingdom from an impending attack, and defeat their enemies?

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A naive apprentice Wizard, out in the real world for the first time, involved in an adventure that is a baptism of fire.

A mercenary soldier, she has insider knowledge of Valan Ursus's dark Keep.

Sir Hagan:
The King's favourite Knight, skilled as a warrior, arrogant with pride, and skeptical of magic.

King Reyburn:
Governs Lanloch with a firm but fair fist. Some would say too fair for his own good.

Valan Ursus:
A brutal Warlord who blocks the mountain pass with his Keep, and rules a criminal underworld behind a facade of innocence.

The Royal Wizard, training young Quinn to be his successor.

Valan Ursus's Sorcerer, desperate to bend magic into a weapon against the King.